Kick Ass Lighting

Some folks dream of a fancy car, vacation, jewelry and other types of that jazz... I dream of lighting! Yes, it's a pro/con and a love/hate relationship, you see working in the design industry, you become exposed to many beautiful, vintage, insanely expensive lustful things...
Thankfully for some folks out there, all these beauties aren't outrageously expensive, like our friends over at OneFortyThree and Brendan Ravenhill. Just check out the Brendan Ravenhill chandelier in Bri Emery's dining room, designed bythe lovely Emily Henderson, Sooo good!
They create simple, modern lighting that won't break the bank. Actually we aren't really even friends, but maybe imaginary dream lighting friends! So here is a rap up of economical to high end lighting thats been on my mind lately...enjoy friends!
All these beauties and more kick ass lighting on my pinterest board,!!!!