8 fabulous white things for your Monday. I love me some color but who doesn't love classic white.
PS- that is 100% my dream bathroom, urghh I die, MEEEOWWW!
Anywho, I am going to start this blogging thing up again, I think since I blogged last. I have created 5 new blogs, designs, ect... and I haven't posted shit. So anyways back to ye old faithful, for now.
Oly Pippa fixture...  90% over used, 100% I don't care.. it is sexy
Campaign desk.. also over used... I also don't care... it's a classic biizznatch and it is so attractive in white.
Eames shell chair+ Bar cart = two necessities in life
I forget who makes these pendants.. it's a pin
I think angels are singing when I see this bathroom
More white... Dwell studio arc lamp... Need
Until next time-

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